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Hythe Waterfront (By Anonymous)

Hythe sits between the New Forest and Southampton Water. There are several locations in Hythe where a drone can be flown over the water. On an almost daily basis large cruise liners and container vessel can be filmed and photographed. As well as the smaller vessels and sailing ships. This is outside of the no fly zone for Southampton airport however the planes do fly directly over Hythe when going in to land there so height must be conservative. Some local drone flyers have managed some amazing aerial footage of Cunard and P&O ships. Loads of parking, mainly pay and display.

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Hatchett Pond, Beaulieu (By Anonymous)

Sunsets here are amazing and photographers can be seen lining the pond nightly in the summer. It has its own car park and there is also Hatchett moor just up the road where there are two much smaller ponds. Close to Beaulieu and it’s famous motor museum. A great spot for flying the drone.

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Shawford Down (By Anonymous)

Great place to get the bird up in the air, shawford down consists of a hillside with some woods at the top. Parking from main road up at the top (a minutes walk will get you through the woods and into the clear & open), or another car park can be found at the bottom of the hill in shawford next to the train station. There's plenty of space, a wonderful view, and a memorial at the top of the hill.

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Nash Point Lighthouse (By stubbyd)

There is a smallish layby at the site and you can then wander down to the lighthouse or beach (if tide is out). During the high season there is a small charge and the grass field is opened up to parking. This is on the Wales coastal path so can be reached from other locations.

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Carnforth (By Anonymous)

Great place to practice flying, generally quite, plenty of spots to park up. easy to get a shot of warton stock car club from here

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St Cathrine's Chapel (By Anonymous)

Small church ruins, good for practice, but also train tunnel nearby, with trains passing through frequently (see video) Parking is a massive pain (there are like 6 spaces available all shared with houses, so get there during the work day and it's empty.

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Halnaker Windmill (By BrianB)

Halnaker Windmill is accessed up a long track which is also a public footpath. There is a small parking area on the A285 at the junction with Dredge Lane. As you reach the Windmill you will see that the piece of land it is on is own by West Sussex County Council. I used the wide public footpath / track on the approach to take off an land ( just out of shot bottom right) as it gives a good view up and down the path and is far enough away from the Windmill not to breach the drone code. Just a note that this is just outside the Chichester/Goodwood FRZ. There are a lot of small aircraft that use the airfield so you need to be constantly aware or your airspace and the limits of where you can fly.

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Twelveheads / Bissoe Trail (By Anonymous)

Includes coast to coast bike trail but lots of dirt track and old mines, in a valley so well protected. A few places to park throughout the area, including the Fox and hounds pub in scorrier if you don’t mind a little walk or have a bike.

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Admiral Rodneys Pillar (By Klokman)

Excellent spot for flying. on top of Breidden Hill.

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Tyrley Locks (By Klokman)

Set of 5 Locks, good nearby parking. Just outside the TernHill FRZ.

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