Find Locations to Fly Your Drone in the UK

In association with the Grey Arrows Drone Club, the new group dedicated to U.K. drone flyers

Use this tool to find locations and subjects in the UK to fly your drone.

View images and videos posted by other UAV pilots.

Upload your own images and videos to help other users decide on where to fly.

Click on a result or on a marker on the map to view details on that location.

You can also add comments on the locations you add and discuss the location in our forum at

Warning - Use this tool and fly locations at your own risk.

Assess and check for NFZs and property ownership before flying (always) and seek permission where required.

By default, the map is centred in the middle of the UK, however, you can enter a location in the location field to centre on that location and zoom in to it.


Use the filter below to filter all results by UK Region and Subject.

UK Drone Club - Grey Arrows

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